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The Birth Cat Pilot Longs for Death and Gravity

The birth cat pilot had voiceless hung
above the void where his beginning
and his end touched hands.
The conclusion of a life
spent sleeping seemed less like
death than dreaming.

Soundlessly he begged the dark
to take him back to birth, to the
blind suckling that came
before his summons to the stars,
before the burden of wings.

He closed his eyes, released his claws –
the abyss wouldn’t take him. Night
held him hovering over silence.
Wings, voice, claws, tail
were useless to a birth cat pilot
longing for gravity.


Author: Spambellina
Inspired by: A line from “Summer Time” from Aleshia Thompson: The birth cat pilot had voiceless hung. Received on January 17, 2007


James Joyce: Alive and Well and Ground Up in Potted Poetry!

Spambellina Says: Just when you thought it was safe to feed your old college copy of Finnegan’s Wake to the cat, or use Ulysses to do your biceps curls, James Joyce pokes his head above the fringes of the cyberuniverse, resurrected in Spam.

tetrahedral try ypsilanti it’s portsmouth see airflow , marathon a karma be banks see evolve not coniferous see leopold , derive be adjoint or hershel it pallet may barbarous may santiago some alan but alton or preparative ! receipt it annihilate on denumerable , snapback in freemen it cater the verbena but

crossword some emmett it’s cutlass be finnegan and bocklogged or come ! assailant may euterpe the shop see pogrom it perceive it’s bauhaus a abbreviate it inexplainable try sail and crevice may breakoff but forgery a congressional try bolshevik ! puke in procter ! bethlehem or judd some elect try decathlon and

dishwasher or audubon ! fortunate ! drainage and attributive some herb in neck it drugstore a wednesday but magnesia it’s regretted may arcturus a indentation or fieldstone it aggrieve not abuse see you’ve ! drizzle ! exemplar it’s ford it mange not clarify not fully a background , duopolist , donkey !

Author: Ulysses Sumner
Contributed by: The inimitable J.S.

My Dolly, My Lunch Meat

Spambellina Says: My dolly was so cold this morning, I made her a bologna dress. And then I began to contemplate the nature of bologna, and the frailty of human existence, and all kinds of deep stuff like that.

Dolly in a Meat Dress

Dolly in a Meat Dress

Beef, water
corn syrup,
contains less than 2%
of salt. Is that all
we’re made of?
Meat and sugar
and tears? Autolyzed
yeast, so we can
levitate when necessary,
when our spirits long to rise
above our hydrolyzed beef stock?
We are Quality Meat,
No Filters —
skinless and vulnerable.
Easily frightened, dissolving into
sacraments of salt:

Sodium phosphate
Sodium diacetate
Sodium erythorbate
Sodium nitrate —

Pray for us
we are lunch meat.


Spambellina Says: I get a Beat vibe from this one; an in-your-face, hopped-up hyperintellectual Ginsberg kinda feel. I could imagine this spoem being read out loud by some neo-Beatnik in a black turtleneck at a spam slam in North Beach. And yeah, I tinkered, but only for literary effect.

Thyronine on nirvana the guesswork in scalp
but forbes in didn’t not pentane some twit a insurmountable!
tutorial on senile but checkmate see blum the kingfisher
invective but compatible on denunciate it
towhee on binomial some applicant some heine
or inane may balzac some comb be perth!

deficient may kaleidescope on fallow be plank on orion
some heath on cantle and farther not roomy
not hermitian not memorandum
try glandular in bennett or drumhead and coaxial the league or chemist
see pattern try buyer a milieu!
accusation may anita try atavistic it’s tabu,

Fraction it fjord! Face try

liquefaction it’s permissive be contribution try deflate
may cellophane try bellyfull be confucius it’s blurt!
icosahedron but barbudo it’s delphinium it’s desmond
it hocus on compote some potato some arkansas it’s linger some buttercup
it gumbo on marcia some successor on alter or foamflower on sweden may buxom ! aromatic
and . . .
Author: Bernardo Esparza
Contributed by: J.S.

Wood Pie Food Horse – Leader Spoke Stairs

Spambellina Says: I have to confess, I messed with this one a bit; it just sort of called out to be broken into lines. Altogether, it is a cryptic, stirring hunk o’ spam. My soul just wants to genuflect before this lyrical accident.

Cousin leader or wrong.
love slow stay along difficult tying,
sugar telling scene
wood taken pie.

Food horses knew grave?

Leader spoke stairs love
talking again idea music goes street
bear stay respect promised speaking
central supposed to fascinate buy.

Development thats raise,
reading respect
easy leader garden?
sense profession
was explain.

Author: Unknown
Contributed by: The gracefully sardonic Babelfishe

Meat Break

Beautiful big-ass ribeye, dinner of J.S. Because even Spambellina needs a vacation from potted flesh once in awhile . . . .



Thick and Despicable, Dispensable but Hickey

Spambellina Says: In the same way that your typical potted meat product conceals the mangled ghosts of living flesh, this machine-generated word hash contains the ghosts of language. May the mangling of language set the imagination free . . .

(Uh, yeah. Right.)

thick and despicable a impalpable a phosphorescent and addis on churchillian on rankine may abate in inactivate try cretaceous or cellular be scent the emil ! universal try phoenicia see won’t and mallow ! gloria or bridgewater the gel on trifluouride not substantive see handful in southey be derrick may retail thechoosy or bereft a umbrella and eaton or hairy try classificatory or alpheratz , reconcile ! lead be berea be bend it’s justice the euripides on dogging try billion it’s prevent in imbue and dispensable but hickey in sine , auriga try hat it’s dogging it mention be alterate not macabre !

nocturne , czerniak it’s administrate ! panicle or abstention try workbench it’s observant and dominick a deformation ! obverse may accuracy , charlie try portuguese the malevolent , periclean it’s bethesda may besmirch in conformal the anhydrite be tycoon in bernhard some backstage may conservation it egret be befallen but trichloroacetic a

Author: Unknown
Contributed by: J.S.

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