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The Oedipal Potato

Spambellina Says: You know, I get so enraptured with the world of processed meat that I often neglect the world of processed potatoes. This freeflowing, intensely confessional verse by the renowned spoet Basil Mahoney reminded me that nothing goes better with Spam than a big ol’ bowlful of Tater Tots. Dolly was thrilled . . . she dived headfirst into the surreal hash!

I smell a family drama in this one. And it disturbs me.

Head-First into the Tots
The Oedipal Potato

Potato and play it’s simple
breath not small it’s responsible
it happy not growth may hook in voice
may wound and wet not development on sun
may trouble try burst not clock in neck
see able on finger but deep be collar
it’s advertisement and material!

Cheese it’s attack may

long some cough not rule it’s kick
or advertisement be bottle may hollow
it cruel a sex a angry may healthy on foot!
Wing a nerve the ear be station and grain
but foolish be equal may probable or hair
it angry not berry try society!

Roll, father, see

woman, history in collar be hospital
but attempt try beautiful or meat
be time and tree it’s tax but thumb
the house a group see common be nerve
a plate a roll or thread try regret
try eye be angry see hollow may square!

process . . .

drawer . . .


Author: Basil Mahoney
Contributor: JS

Red in Tooth and Doll


The Doll Can’t Help It

Spambellina Sighs: Dolly got into the potted meat again — carnivorous slut. Carnivorous┬áDolly

My Dolly, My Lunch Meat

Spambellina Says: My dolly was so cold this morning, I made her a bologna dress. And then I began to contemplate the nature of bologna, and the frailty of human existence, and all kinds of deep stuff like that.

Dolly in a Meat Dress

Dolly in a Meat Dress

Beef, water
corn syrup,
contains less than 2%
of salt. Is that all
we’re made of?
Meat and sugar
and tears? Autolyzed
yeast, so we can
levitate when necessary,
when our spirits long to rise
above our hydrolyzed beef stock?
We are Quality Meat,
No Filters —
skinless and vulnerable.
Easily frightened, dissolving into
sacraments of salt:

Sodium phosphate
Sodium diacetate
Sodium erythorbate
Sodium nitrate —

Pray for us
we are lunch meat.

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