Where Paramount Focus Are Veritable Holy


Pigeon Eggs for your Easter basket — a ghettotory hallucination


Spambellina Thinks: That today, being Easter, is the perfect time to post some mystical spam. This poetic vision, inspired not by self-flagellation but by an overdose of Tivo and YouTube, left Spambellina profoundly confused . . . yet somehow spiritually refreshed. Must be the word-bath of Linux, Unix, and bokmlnorsk.

Where Paramount Focus Are Veritable Holy
(or, The Divine Madness of an Absinthe-Swilling Technogeek)

Saw flood clones columbia data cloned bios.
Same quot aware quot they lot attention
this quot she adding. Is not software in, mans kind of.

A unix based attitude don’t get do its why should me if.
Movies viacom, demands youtube remove videos.
Introduces enterprise stream standards.
Linkcite article in bokmlnorsk last modified.
Tivo, inc before, switching.

Spending, lives where paramount focus are veritable holy.
Say park individual basis taxes residency refunds.

Lack, that causes whostill everybody fellow means they?

Process dubbed interview notorious, off the wall.
Samequot aware quotthey lot attention thisquot she adding.
Come magazine slate acquired.
Birth links find searching wikipedias.
To pay ampuse webbased will not endear bringing,
habitual attitudes to linux?

And the whole stays on if a user runs into trouble hell hasn’t.


Turmoil when action against, european union allegedly, abusing.
Vote amirposted cedarattak sebastien triumph.
Managequot click importance creating, carrier.

Experience vehement ready ingrained but this.

Several million dollars due.
Supposed there’s leaflet came tells a toy.
Displaying abruptly terminates drivers.
Nousing mouse from, select ctrlxto it the dwdeletes.

Author: Unknown
Contributed by: Future psych nurse and word-salad connoisseur, Babelfishe




2 Responses to “Where Paramount Focus Are Veritable Holy”

  1. 2 Procrastinator June 19, 2008 at 2:25 am

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Procrastinator.

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