Be Cowherd, Be Colloquial

Spambellina Says: Bucolic invocatives rub elbows with fish, horses, radiometers, and various chemical elements in this delightful tossed salad o’ spam. I feel vaguely inspired by this one, as if I were reading the collected letters of Eleanor Roosevelt, churned through a meat grinder. With a guest appearance by Confucious, how could I resist?

Cowherd the colloquial,
shrunken but philistine —
be bullfinch but filet,
it’s radiometer but windbreak.

Be decolonize but chairwoman
slip genuine not ingestion.
Be corp and polypropylene
try adjoin and lucerne
not ministerial try fermion
and variant a papillary
or cabin on sung . . .

It’s tristan not
reverberate not bifocal in asia
or bentham on denunciation
it’s pillsbury not cargo
try catalytic the confabulate.
Compromise but courtesan
abigail be complaisant
the susceptible czech may confucius
and imperishable
or fluorite on nowadays or woeful not shad.

Some cutlet a optometrist
try adieu in acquittal
not galena not analeptic
some horseback a jungle.

Not cursive in churchman but commonality the ream some.

Author: Bessie Jacob (with the inevitable tinkering of Spambellina)
Contributed by: JS


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