James Joyce: Alive and Well and Ground Up in Potted Poetry!

Spambellina Says: Just when you thought it was safe to feed your old college copy of Finnegan’s Wake to the cat, or use Ulysses to do your biceps curls, James Joyce pokes his head above the fringes of the cyberuniverse, resurrected in Spam.

tetrahedral try ypsilanti it’s portsmouth see airflow , marathon a karma be banks see evolve not coniferous see leopold , derive be adjoint or hershel it pallet may barbarous may santiago some alan but alton or preparative ! receipt it annihilate on denumerable , snapback in freemen it cater the verbena but

crossword some emmett it’s cutlass be finnegan and bocklogged or come ! assailant may euterpe the shop see pogrom it perceive it’s bauhaus a abbreviate it inexplainable try sail and crevice may breakoff but forgery a congressional try bolshevik ! puke in procter ! bethlehem or judd some elect try decathlon and

dishwasher or audubon ! fortunate ! drainage and attributive some herb in neck it drugstore a wednesday but magnesia it’s regretted may arcturus a indentation or fieldstone it aggrieve not abuse see you’ve ! drizzle ! exemplar it’s ford it mange not clarify not fully a background , duopolist , donkey !

Author: Ulysses Sumner
Contributed by: The inimitable J.S.


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