My Dolly, My Lunch Meat

Spambellina Says: My dolly was so cold this morning, I made her a bologna dress. And then I began to contemplate the nature of bologna, and the frailty of human existence, and all kinds of deep stuff like that.

Dolly in a Meat Dress

Dolly in a Meat Dress

Beef, water
corn syrup,
contains less than 2%
of salt. Is that all
we’re made of?
Meat and sugar
and tears? Autolyzed
yeast, so we can
levitate when necessary,
when our spirits long to rise
above our hydrolyzed beef stock?
We are Quality Meat,
No Filters —
skinless and vulnerable.
Easily frightened, dissolving into
sacraments of salt:

Sodium phosphate
Sodium diacetate
Sodium erythorbate
Sodium nitrate —

Pray for us
we are lunch meat.


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