Spambellina Says: I get a Beat vibe from this one; an in-your-face, hopped-up hyperintellectual Ginsberg kinda feel. I could imagine this spoem being read out loud by some neo-Beatnik in a black turtleneck at a spam slam in North Beach. And yeah, I tinkered, but only for literary effect.

Thyronine on nirvana the guesswork in scalp
but forbes in didn’t not pentane some twit a insurmountable!
tutorial on senile but checkmate see blum the kingfisher
invective but compatible on denunciate it
towhee on binomial some applicant some heine
or inane may balzac some comb be perth!

deficient may kaleidescope on fallow be plank on orion
some heath on cantle and farther not roomy
not hermitian not memorandum
try glandular in bennett or drumhead and coaxial the league or chemist
see pattern try buyer a milieu!
accusation may anita try atavistic it’s tabu,

Fraction it fjord! Face try

liquefaction it’s permissive be contribution try deflate
may cellophane try bellyfull be confucius it’s blurt!
icosahedron but barbudo it’s delphinium it’s desmond
it hocus on compote some potato some arkansas it’s linger some buttercup
it gumbo on marcia some successor on alter or foamflower on sweden may buxom ! aromatic
and . . .
Author: Bernardo Esparza
Contributed by: J.S.


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