Thick and Despicable, Dispensable but Hickey

Spambellina Says: In the same way that your typical potted meat product conceals the mangled ghosts of living flesh, this machine-generated word hash contains the ghosts of language. May the mangling of language set the imagination free . . .

(Uh, yeah. Right.)

thick and despicable a impalpable a phosphorescent and addis on churchillian on rankine may abate in inactivate try cretaceous or cellular be scent the emil ! universal try phoenicia see won’t and mallow ! gloria or bridgewater the gel on trifluouride not substantive see handful in southey be derrick may retail thechoosy or bereft a umbrella and eaton or hairy try classificatory or alpheratz , reconcile ! lead be berea be bend it’s justice the euripides on dogging try billion it’s prevent in imbue and dispensable but hickey in sine , auriga try hat it’s dogging it mention be alterate not macabre !

nocturne , czerniak it’s administrate ! panicle or abstention try workbench it’s observant and dominick a deformation ! obverse may accuracy , charlie try portuguese the malevolent , periclean it’s bethesda may besmirch in conformal the anhydrite be tycoon in bernhard some backstage may conservation it egret be befallen but trichloroacetic a

Author: Unknown
Contributed by: J.S.


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